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The mission of the Division of Clinical Research at Massachusetts General Hospital is to support researchers in their efforts to increase the quantity, quality and efficiency of translating basic science advances into improved care for our patients.


The Division of Clinical Research (DCR) of the Mass General Research Institute works to promote science at the clinical—research interface. The division sponsors a total of 10 centers and 15 units, each of which has a specific mission to assist investigators conducting clinical research.

Our mission is to increase the quality, quantity, and efficiency of translating basic science advances into improved care for our patients. Our researchers and clinicians partner with academia, industry, governments, foundations, and philanthropists to prevent and treat disease, and improve the lives of our patients.

There are two cornerstone initiatives of the Research Institute that fall under the Division of Clinical Research. The first is the Partners Biobank at MGH, where blood and DNA samples are collected from patients who have consented for these samples to be used in research.

These patients have also consented to be re-contacted to supply additional samples or information should a researcher request it. To date, over 100,000 samples have been collected; each of which are linked to the patient’s electronic health record, and 20,000 of these have been genotyped.

The second cornerstone initiative of the DCR is the Translational Research Center. This center is a fully staffed18-bed inpatient unit capable of bringing any preclinical therapeutic, device or diagnostic into first-in-human clinical trials, all the way through phase 4 trials.

For Patients

Patients who participate in clinical research play an essential role in leading-edge medical investigation and discovery at Massachusetts General Hospital.

By participating in clinical research at Massachusetts General Hospital, patients have the opportunity to partner with leaders in the scientific and medical fields.

Clinical research studies conducted at Mass General have led to new insights in the treatment of almost every major disease including cancer, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, orthopedic injuries, neurological disorders and psychiatric illnesses.

When you join a clinical trial at Mass General, you become part of our team. Together, we work to make scientific discoveries to support better health outcomes for all.

For Researchers

A cornerstone initiative of the Massachusetts General Hospital Research Institute, the Division of Clinical Research works to increase the quantity, quality and efficiency of translating basic science advances into improved care for our patients.

The Division of Clinical Research promotes clinical research by:

  • Supporting clinical and translational research at Mass General through specific centers and units
  • Nurturing the next generation of Mass General clinical investigators
  • Increasing Mass General’s overall clinical research funding
  • Expanding Mass General’s pool of clinical research mentors
  • Providing hands-on support to overcome the logistical challenges faced by clinical investigators

The Centers and Units within the Division of Clinical Research provide a support structure for clinical research, translational research and nursing research, and provide study support via biostatistics consultations and access to the Partners Biobank. Individual units in the DCR provide assistance with omics, patient-centered outcomes research, electronic health records research, qualitative research and more.

DCR consultations and services are designed to provide investigators with crucial study assistance from highly experience faculty and support staff.

  • Consultations with DCR faculty (6-8 hours)
  • IND/IDE submissions and project management
  • Assistance with subject recruitment
  • Identification of potential funding sources
  • Budgeting for clinical studies
  • Help with National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Patient Centered Outcomes Research (PCORI) applications
  • Project Management
  • IRB new application submission

For Collaborators

The clinical research teams at Massachusetts General Hospital are dedicated to establishing constructive partnerships to further our understanding of medicine through the clinical trial process.


Clinical researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital depend on healthy collaborative relationships with other investigators and institutional and industry colleagues to make innovative scientific discoveries a reality. 


Mass General has a multitude of resources to support these collaborations.


For Investigators 


For Institutional and Industry Collaborators

For Affiliates

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital joined the Massachusetts General Hospital family on January 1, 2017.


Wentworth-Douglass Hospital is now also part of Partners HealthCare, an integrated health care system founded by Mass General and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.