Thursday, October 14th, 2021 | 8:00am-12:00pm | All events virtual

Clinical Research Day is an annual celebration of clinical and translational investigators and their accomplishments over the past twelve months at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Every year the clinical research community at MGH becomes more vibrant and robust with this year being no exception. This year, we had an astounding 253 abstract submissions reflecting the exciting work being conducted by clinical research teams here at MGH. Clinical Research Day is a great opportunity for interaction between clinical researchers and for learning more about the different types of research being conducted at our Institution. It is also an opportunity for sharing ideas that may contribute to strategic thinking and future planning. 


The theme of the Clinical Research Day 2021 is Past, Present and Future of Clinical Research in the era of COVID-19.  The keynote speaker for Clinical Research Day 2021 is DrBrett Leav. Dr. Leav is the Vice President of Clinical Development, Public Health Vaccines at Moderna.  


Dr. Leav will present Clinical Development of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine: A View from the Engine Room 


Following the Keynote Address by Dr. Leav, there will be panel discussion and a virtual poster session: 


8am to 9am Keynote AddressClinical Development of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine: A View from the Engine Room  


9am to 10am   Panel DiscussionTransformation of clinical research in the COVID 19 era 



Maurizio Fava, MD, Director, Division of Clinical Research, MGH Research Institute 


Panel Members: 

Brett Leav, MD 

Vice PresidentClinical Development, Public Health Vaccines, Moderna 

Andrea S. Foulkes, ScD 

Chief, Biostatistics Center, MGH 

James Meigs, MD 

Director, DCR Clinical Effectiveness Research Unit, MGH 

Roy Perlis, MDMSc 

Director, Center for Experimental Drugs and Diagnostics, MGH 

Jonathan Jackson, PhD 

Executive DirectorCommunity Access, Recruitment and Engagement Center, MGH 

Keith Flaherty, MD 

DirectorClinical Research, Cancer Center, MGH 


10am to 12pm  Virtual Poster Session 


Clinical Research Day 2021 Virtual Ceremony Summary

10 Hospital Wide Awards for best abstracts in 4 categories including Team Science, Translational Science, Clinical and Outcomes Research and Health Professions Research Education.


Team Science Awards

Design and Implementation of Genome Interpretation for Coronary Disease – Including Monogenic and Polygenic Risk Assessment – in the MGH Preventive Genomics Clinic

Brockman, Deanna; Maamari,Dimitri; Pelletier, Renee; Folkerts, Emma; Leonard, Courtney; Petronio, Lia; Huang, Katherine; Natarajan, Pradeep; Aragam, Krishna; Rehm, Heidi; Khera, Amit 

A Randomized, Pragmatic Trial of Community Health Worker Support and Academic Detailing for Tobacco Cessation in Adults with Serious Mental Illness Who Did Not Necessarily Want to Quit

Evins, A. Eden; Cather, Corinne; Maravic, Melissa; Reyering, Sally; Pachas, Gladys; Thorndike, Anne; Levy, Douglas; Fung, Vicki; Fischer, Michael; Schnitzer, Kristina; Pratt, Sarah; Fetters, Michael; Deeb, Bianca; Potter, Kevin; Schoenfeld, David

Randomized Trial of a Palliative Care Intervention to Improve End-of-Life Care Discussions in Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Turk, Yael; Greer, Joseph; Beverly, Moy; El-Jawahri, Areej; Jackson, Vicki; Kamdar, Mihir; Jacobsen, Juliet; Lindvall, Charlotta; Shin, Jennifer; Rinaldi, Simone; Carlson, Heather; Sousa, Angela; Gallagher, Emily; Zhigang, Li; Moran, Samantha; Ruddy, Margaret; Anand, Maya; Carp, Julia; Temel, Jennifer

Clinical and Outcomes Research Awards

Neuropsychiatric Findings in Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Infection

Gutierrez-Martinez, Leidys; Karten, Jordan; Kritzer, Michael D.; Josephy-Hernandez, Sylvia; Kim, David; Newhouse, Amy; Pasinski, Marie; Praschan, Nathan; Razafsha, Mahdi; Rubin, Daniel B.; Sonni, Akshata; Gollub, Randy; Westover, Brandon; Fricchione, Gregory; Rosand, Jonathan; Chemali, Zeina

Immunomodulatory Biologic Therapies Did Not Increase the Risk of Covid-19 or Subsequent Mortality: a Retrospective Matched Cohort Study

Klebanov, Nikolai; Pahalyants, Vartan; Murphy, William; Lu, Chenyue; Theodosakis, Nicholas; Klevens, R Monina; Estiri, Hossein; Lilly, Evelyn; Asgari, Maryam; Semenov, Yevgeniy

Clinical Outcome Differences in the Treatment of Impending Versus Completed Pathological Long Bone Fractures

Twining, Peter; Groot, Olivier; Lans, Amanda; Bongers, Michiel; Kapoor, Neal; Verlaan, J; Newman, Erik; Raskin, Kevin; Lozano-Calderon, Santiago; Janssen, Stein; Schwab, Joseph

Translational Science Awards

Sexually Dimorphic Placental Responses to Maternal Sars-cov-2 Infection

Bordt, Evan; Shook, Lydia; Atyeo, Caroline; Pullen, Krista; De Guzman, Rose; Meinsohn, Marie-Charlotte; Chauvin, Maeva; Fischinger, Stephanie; Yockey, Laura; James, Kaitlyn; Lima, Rosiane; Yonker, Lael; Fasano, Alessio; Brigida, Sara; Bebell, Lisa; Roberts, Drucilla; Pepin, David; Huh, Jun; Bilbo, Staci; Li, Jonathan; Kaima

Interactions Between Cancer Cells and Immune Cells Drive Transitions to Mesenchymal-Like States in Glioblastoma

Hara, Toshiro; Suva, Mario

Alveolar, Endothelial, and Organ Injury Marker Dynamics in Severe Covid-19

Leisman, Daniel; Mehta, Arnav; Thompson, Taylor; Hacohen, Nir; Filbin, Michael; Goldberg, Marcia 

Health Professions Education Research Award

Effective Senior Surgical Residents as Defined By their Peers: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Nontechnical Skills Development During Surgical Residency

Coe, Taylor; Jogerst, Kristen; Petrusa, Emil; Lipman, Jeremy; Roy, Phitayakorn

The Mary “Kay” Ryan Award for Excellence in Support of Clinical Research

Kay, as she was known at MGH, is remembered for her devotion to clinical research investigation, investigators, and study staff. Five awards of $500 were given to honor MGH Clinical Research Staff members for exceptional service. This year 151 Nominations were submitted for 68 research staff.

The 2021 Awardees are: Ashley Sullivan, Jenna Gustafson, Victoria Kenyon, Chardria Trotter, and Evelynne Fulda.

The Division of Clinical Research 1st Annual Award of Distinction

For incredible work in support of clinical research at MGH during the COVID-19 pandemic. Two awards of $500 were given to honor MGH clinical research staff members for exceptional service.

The 2021 Awardees are: Kathryn Hall and Meredith Fahy.

The 25 Departmental Awards from 14 departments can be found in the Clinical Research Day 2021 Abstract Book.