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Thursday, October 13th, 2022 | 8:00am-12:00pm | All events virtual


The theme of the Clinical Research Day 2022 is “New technologies and novel opportunities: Clinical Research and Patient Care.”  The keynote speaker for Clinical Research Day 2022 is DrJohn Halamka. Dr. Halamka is from the Mayo Clinic Platform who will speak from 8:00-9:00am.


Dr. Halamka will present The Digital Reconstruction of Healthcare


Following the Keynote Address by Dr. Halamka, there will be panel discussion and a virtual poster session: 


8am to 9am Keynote AddressThe Digital Reconstruction of Healthcare


9am to 10am Panel Discussion: “New technologies and novel opportunities: Clinical Research and Patient Care.”


10am to 12pm Virtual Poster Session

Keynote Speaker:

John Halamka, MD, 
President, Mayo Clinic Platform


Judy Hung, MD, 

Director, Division of Clinical Research, MGH Research Institute 


John Halamka, MD, MS
President, Mayo Clinic Platform

Adam Landman, MD
Chief Information Officer and Sr. VP of Digital, MGB

Anthony Philippakis, MD, PhD
Chief Data Officer, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Shawn Murphy, MD, PhD

Chief Research Information Officer, MGB

Randy Gollub, MD, PhD
Associate Director for Translational Research, Psychiatric Neuroimaging Program, MGH