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Curriculum Pathways

We support the DCR through development of educational material and hosting of educational events. We accomplish this support through 5 pillars of work: Technology, Curriculum, Instructional Design, User Experience, and Analytics.

For courses from MGB’s Human Research Affairs Compliance and Education Office (C&E), click here.

For Beginner Research Study Staff
For Experienced Research Study Staff
This track is designed for clinical research coordinators or clinical research project managers with more than 2 years of clinical research experience. These individuals will have a fair understanding MGH policies and procedures, are very familiar with conduct of clinical trials, possess adequate understanding of GCP and are able to apply to current practice. This track focuses on the administrative processes behind the implementation and conduct of clinical trials.
For Instructional Design
This track is designed for trainers, instructors, and individuals developing educational content. These courses will help you apply the latest understanding of learning theories and technologies, adult learning principles, and innovative instructional strategies to your courses and educational offerings.