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Accessing Course Participant List

Instructors can easily enroll, view, search for, filter, and email students through the Participants page on OpenCourses.
Viewing the Participants List
  1. To access the course’s Participants page, click Participants from the left menu panel on the course page.

  2. Sort the Participants list by first or last name by clicking the column heading. You can also sort by email address, and when participants last accessed the course.

Filtering and Searching for Users
  1. The filter at the top left of the Participants page allows for filtering by keyword, status, roles, period of activity, and enrollment method.

  2. Use the A to Z filter block to filter users by the first letter of their first name or last name.

How to Enroll Learners
  1. To enroll learners, click Enroll users on the upper right-hand area of the Participants page.

  2. Browse or search for the user from the Select users dropdown list.

  3. If you have a cohort, browse or search for the cohort from the Select cohorts dropdown list.

  4. Confirm the Assign roles dropdown is set to “Student”. If not, click on the dropdown to change the user role.

  5. To view other enrollment options, click Show more to expand the options and set them as you see appropriate. These include the enrollment duration, enrollment start date, and enrollment end date.

  6. Click Enroll selected users and cohorts to complete enrollment.

How to Unenroll Learners from Course
  1. To unenroll learners, click on the trash icon next to the user’s name in the “Status” column of the table.

  2. Confirm the selected user’s unenrollment and click “Unenroll”.

Sending a Message to Learners
  1. To send a message or email to a user through OpenCourses, select the user(s) from the list in the table.

  2. Click on the With selected users dropdown and choose Send a message.

  3. Type your message in the pop up text box, then click Send message.

Exporting the Participant List to Excel or PDF
  1. To export the Participants list, select all users or specific users from the table.

  2. Click on the With selected users dropdown and choose Comma separated values (.csv), Microsoft Excel (.xlsx), or Portable Document Format (.pdf).