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Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research

The Qualitative Analysis Unit provides consultations in qualitative and mixed methods study design and execution.

The Unit’s consultations advise investigators on all aspects of qualitative study design, data collection, interpretation and publication of study findings, feedback on draft research proposals and identification of potential collaborators.


Qualitative and mixed methods research helps investigators study the “why” and “how” of questions related to healthcare and biomedicine. The DCR’s Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research (QMMR) Unit provides Consultations with investigators and research teams on qualitative and mixed methods research, including study design, data collection, data coding, analysis and interpretation, dissemination of results, and the development of research proposals and protocols. These services are offered only to MGH faculty and staff. Please note that access to qualitative research software must be requested through MGB Research Information Computing and Science.

Elyse Park, PhD, MPH

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